Wanzhi Steel Research Institute

Wanzhi Metal Materials Research Institute

Wanzhi Metal Materials Research Institute aims to provide product technical support to relevant departments of the Wanzhi Group.

They are not only need to meet the inspection request of various departments of the company, but more important continuously update its technical reserves, explore new materials and technologies in order to increase the market share and influence of Wanzhi Steel in the High-end metal materials market.

Product Technical Support

♦  Wanzhi Business School product training technical support
♦  Engineering design drawings
♦  Light steel structure architectural design drawings
♦  Material installation and maintenance technical guidance

Cooperate with the third-party certification organization that specify by customer to complete the relevant testing work

Cooperative third-party certification organization  BV, DNV, SGS, TUV, ITS

Technological innovation

Exploration and research of new materials
Building material use environment simulation test
Corrosion test of various metal materials
Performance of metallic materials in extreme working conditions
Study on Corrosion Resistance of Coatings for Coating Products
Study on adhesion properties of coating film for coating products